Dog photo shoot….Are you worried your dog will misbehave on a professional shoot ???

dog photography

Dog photo shoot… are you worried your dog will be naughty ???? Don’t be ????…. we expect dogs to behave like dogs ???? ???????? on our dog photo shoot !!!

Dog photo shoot… are you thinking of one. Your dog doesn’t have to be the best trained working sheep dog or the winner of Britain’s got talent to have one of my dog photo shoot,  to get the shots in my portfolio.

All shoots are on location out in the open country side, in a park or on the beach. Your dog is going to be excited to be out any way ( better than a indoor  studio shoot ) and i’ve got lots of little tips and tricks up my sleeve from treats to things that squeak to grab your dogs attention to get an awesome portrait of your dog. I only need a a second or two to get the shot, i’ve had lots a practice knowing when to hit the camera button.

dog photo shoot
dog photo shoot

But your dog will have to stay on a lead for a dog photo shoot.

But your dog cannot be let of the lead ????……. No problem ! most of the time to be honest i mostly take photos of dogs when they are on the lead. Then i use some photoshop trickery to remove the lead in post production.

I take a variety of shots on the dog photo shoot which lasts about an hour. From in the woods peering round tress, sitting on park benches to action shots running along the beach and if your brave enough you can include your self in the shot as well ????

Hopefully your thinking your dog is not to naughty for a dog photo shoot.

Dog photo shoot
Dog photo shoot

What do you need to do to prepare for the dog photo shoot.

If your dog is food orientated bring some of their favourite foods ( not their normal food) like some cooked sausage or something they will go crazy for.  Don’t take them for a good walk before to calm them down, bring them hyper, hyper the better. It will be much easier to grab their attention for that cracking shot. If you use a harness, best bring a collar as well if you have one.  And that’s pretty much all you need to do before the shoot apart from get in touch with me and we can decide were to go.

Dog Photo shoot
Dog Photo shoot
What happens after the dog photo shoot.

All the photos are edited back in my studio and then go onto a private online gallery for you to choose from. I create amazing doggie art photos for your wall from canvas prints to print and frame packages.

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