Photography Suffolk by Richard Ferris

Richard Ferris images Suffolk Photography photography Suffolk

Hi i’m Richard Ferris a crazy dog lover with four dogs, three kids, one horse (which keeps us poor) … oh yeah and one wife 🙂  All those things together is why iv’e specialized in on location photography Suffolk. Photography has always been a passion of mine, and I‘ve been taking photographs ever since my hands were big enough to hold a camera. I have a real eye for a picture, and dog, equestrian and lifestyle Photography Suffolk is a particular passion of mine.

Although I’ve worked in other careers, my heart was always in my photography, and since I bought my first DLSR camera in 2010, I’ve been seriously studying the craft, taking hundreds of online tutorials, and working one to one with some of the world’s best photographers including Elena Shumilova from Russia and Jake Olson from the US. I’ve also spent time training with the very talented Polish lifestyle photographer Iwona Podlasińska.

Dog Photograher Suffolk

dog photographerI’m a fan of most things that have hairy furry fuzzy that walk on four legs. But particularly dogs and I have four myself, a Westie, Norfolk x jack Russell, Stafie and a Bulldog.

I like to capture those funny hairy smiles, tail wagging having fun loving life portraits of your best friend.

Photography Suffolk

Im based in Suffolk and we use some of  the best photography Suffolk  rural settings and parks and incorporate them into my  photography shoots, creating unforgettable images and art work that you’ll treasure. The Suffolk coastline, local woodland and fields have all featured in my past shoots. Making the most of stunning landscapes, the changing seasons, utilizing the beautiful natural light and unusual requests is something I thrive on. I love to take natural looking images, and give a twist of inspiration to everyday portraits of children, pets and families.

Richard Ferris Images aims to shake up the standard of an average standard photoshoot and add a setting that will make it stand out, catch the subjects in their best light and capture smiles in humans or animals and special moments in a timeless way that everyone will love. You could also say that I like to make the shoot itself as memorable as the images that I make from it. If you’re looking for the perfect way to capture a moment, or would like to find out about my creative photography services – events, people and pets – please contact me and I’d be delighted to work with you.

I love photography, and have trained with some of the most talented photographers from Europe and the US.

I like to specialise in Golden Hour Suffolk photography. The Golden Hour is the time of day when the natural light outside is at its absolute best, and photographs will come out looking their most beautiful. Technically speaking, this is half an hour before dawn, to half an hour afterwards. If you’re not an early bird, you can also take advantage of the natural light half an hour before sunset, until half an hour afterwards. The results are so very worth the effort.

I use a Canon 5D Mk3, which is one of Canon’s flagship cameras. I team this with the very highest quality L-series lenses. This high-spec equipment means that I can take stunning shots at six frames per second. I take hundreds of photos on every single lifestyle photography shoot and then edit the best pictures for you.

Why I love lifestyle photography Suffolk

The reason I specialise in outdoor lifestyle photography though, is that I love taking everyday shoots into the outdoors. 

Happy, smiling shots of the kids and family in the woods, enjoying the countryside or exploring the beautiful coastline always seem more natural than posed photos taken indoors. The children always love being outside rather than being bored in a studio, and I really believe that this leads to better quality images. Everyone loves natural looking portraits – there are no fake, forced smiles on a Richard Ferris images shoot!

I’ve had plenty of practice photographing children and animals – my four dogs and three kids make very willing subjects.

Any questions or if your thinking about booking in a shoot please contact me here